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Key Entry Points

While Marin Horizon accepts applicants for Toddler through Grade 8 each year (based on availability in each class), we have four main entry points for our program: Toddler, Primary, Kindergarten, and Grade 6.


Our youngest students join us in the Toddler Program (must be age 2 by September 1). Marin Horizon accepts up to 48 students into the Toddler Program each year. Most of our Toddler students matriculate to Primary.


We have two Toddler classrooms and a student-teacher ratio of 6:1. Montessori materials guide students from simple to more complex skills and concepts. 


At Marin Horizon, first- and second-year-Primary are the two years that follow the Toddler program. Students must be age 3 by September 1st in order to join the Primary Program. Marin Horizon accepts approximately 12  students into the Primary Program each year. The Primary Program precedes the Kindergarten program, with many students matriculating to Marin Horizon’s Lower Elementary Program (K-4).


We have three Primary classrooms, with a student-teacher ratio of 12:1. Students benefit from multi-age classrooms which promote peer learning, and students remain in the same classroom for both years of Primary.


Our main entry point for the Lower Elementary program (K-4) is Kindergarten. Marin Horizon also accepts applications for Grades 1-4, based on availability in each class—please contact to inquire about availability. 


The Kindergarten program features a lead and an associate teacher. We have created an intentional class size of up to 24 students, in order to provide a thoughtful and personalized introduction to a child’s formal education. The Kindergarten classroom is self-contained, and specialist classes are integrated into the main campus. Our Kindergarten runs for the full day throughout the school year. 


Once your child is accepted to Kindergarten, no further application is required to progress through 8th grade at Marin Horizon. 

6th Grade

Our main entry point for the Upper School (5-8) is 6th Grade, with openings for approximately 12 students each year. Marin Horizon also accepts applications for Grades 5, 7, and 8, based on availability in each class—please contact to inquire about availability. 


Our Upper School program is designed to have small class sizes, and emphasizes close teacher-student relationships. An expanded class size as students move from Grade 5 to 6 means greater diversity and social opportunities.


All subjects in Upper School are departmentalized, and students travel from class to class in groups to learn from teachers in specialized subject areas. All classes offer levels of differentiation depending on the range of skills of the students in the classroom. The curriculum is designed to help students develop intellectual curiosity as they work towards mastery of concepts. With project-based learning, there are several touchpoints for integrating the curriculum across disciplines. 


Science and Social Studies classes are taught in mixed grade groupings, opening up opportunities for academic interactions with a larger number of students and providing deeper levels of collaborative learning experiences.

Get in Touch.

We want you to know that throughout the applications process, we're in this together. Reach out to us at any time.

415-388-8408 x.224

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